About Stewart Dakers

I have drawn things all my life, still have old school books with sketches in the margins, mainly heads and other, often female, body parts !

Much of my work celebrates the joy which I have experienced working in nature conservation for twenty odd years, the furniture and residents of woods, shores and heathland of Somerest, the Mendips, Surrey, especially Frensham, and the Sussex coast. Before that, in my urban period, living in Covent Garden I found wonderful subjects in the bustling markets, the flats of the Thames river,its boats and cranes and in the buildings being demolished and rebuilt.

My major enthusiasm is people. I enjoy straight portraiture – although it can be a dangerous occupation. Most I enjoy constructing narrative pictures, groups of people with `messages`. They don`t sell well, but then I am no Hogarth.  My exemplars are Paula Rego, Rob Lenkewicz, Ken Paine, Jenny Halstead, Crawfurd Adamson.   Like most painters I started in watercolour, quite the most difficult medium. I sometimes wonder whether the professionals don`t encourage amateurs to use watercolour in order to put them off altogether and thus reduce the competition. So I now work in pastel and oil.

Plenty of exhibitions over the years, the occasional prize, but they count as nothing against the sheer enjoyment and privilege of having a hobby which is impervious – well, almost – to the fleeting years. A few `housekeeping` notes. Measurements are in inches because I don`t do metric; in fact the existence of a website is a ruddy miracle for someone who prefers carrier pigeons, the miracle being due to an outside influence called Andy. Prices are negotiable and I`ve included a load of portraits simply to show off.

ENJOY – oh, and please buy?

To do so, email to:dakers.stewart@gmail.com or telephone 01252 820909

Stewart Dakers

Stewart Dakers, a fine art painter